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Watch Selling Done Right

WatchValue connects anyone who wants to sell their luxury watch with hundreds of verified dealers. Once you post your watch on our platform, you will receive dozens of quotes from various dealers so you sell your watch for the highest price. WatchValue is anonymous, secure and hassle free.
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Why Sell Your Luxury Watch With Us?

The fastest way to sell your watch

Start getting quotes right after you post a watch. We aim for a 72 hours process from your watch being shipped to money in your account. No other platform does this.

Sell for the highest price

Multiple offers will allow you to get the highest price. Pick one, swipe right and get paid.

Access to hundreds of verified buyers

Upload your luxury watch and instantly receive offers from hundreds of verified buyers. No more shopping around for the best offer. We host only highly professional dealers on our platform who will make an offer for your watch.

How It Works?

Step 1.

Upload pictures of your watch

Once you download the app, take pictures of your watch and upload them to create a listing. The whole process will take a few minutes and it's super easy.
Step 2.

Get multiple offers and accept the best one

You will receive offers from hundreds of verified buyers. Pick the highest offer and get the most money for your watch. It’s as easy as a swipe.
Step 3.

Send us your watch and get the money

Send your watch for verification using the insured shipping label we provide. Receive payment easily and directly to your account.
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We take care of everything

Verification: old school meets new school

We are a technology company but the best way to verify a watch is with our in-house watchmaker. High-definition cameras will record the process, which ensures transparency and security.

Secure and anonymous

From handling your watch to handling your data, we guarantee a safe and secure experience. Most importantly, you will remain anonymous and no-one will know that you sold a watch.

We understand the importance of remaining anonymous while selling your watch. At WatchValue, we take privacy very serious.

No hidden fees or charges

Selling your luxury watch through WatchValue is 100% free. We won’t charge you any commission or fees.

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What We Offer?


Convenience & Security

WatchValue is the easy way to sell your luxury watch quickly, securely and anonymously. Within minutes of uploading you will begin receiving offers from hundreds of vetted buyers. There are no headaches with one central point of contact. Simply accept the best offer, send your watch to us to be validated by our in-house watchmaker and receive your money.

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Quality & Variety

WatchValue gives authenticated buyers the opportunity to securely make offers on a wide selection of new to market, pre-owned luxury watches. With everything checked and validated by our in-house watchmaker prior to the completion of sale, there won’t be any surprises.

WatchValue is an exclusive place for highly trusted dealers.

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Who are the buyers on WatchValue?

Buyers on WatchValue are comprised of well-respected luxury watch retailers, wholesalers and independent dealers. We have strict policies in place as to who we will and won’t work with and each buyer must complete our rigorous verification process prior to being allowed to make offers on our platform.

How do you validate my watch?

Within 24-hours of accepting an offer, we will send you an insured, overnight shipping label along with instructions on how to safely ship your luxury watch to us. Upon receipt, our certified in-house watch maker will open your package and complete the entire validation process under video recording. Your watch is insured for its full value from the moment you ship it to us and is covered under our $1 million insurance policy right up until the new owner takes possession.

What happens if my watch fails the validation process?

We will notify you within 24-hours of receipt if we determine that your luxury watch does not match the description or photographs you provided in your listing. At that point, the sale will be terminated, and your watch will be returned to you via insured shipping.

What happens if I change my mind?

All sales are final, except in the unlikely event that your luxury watch fails the validation process. At which point the sale will be terminated and your watch will be returned to you via insured shipping. This protects both the seller and the buyer and ensures a seamless experience for both parties.

How do I get paid?

As soon as your luxury watch is validated, we will contact you to request payment details. Payment can be made by wire transfer or check. Simply let us know which method you prefer, provide the required details and payment will be on its way to you within 24 hours of the next business day. We will never ask you for credit card details, either on the phone or via email. If you receive such communication purporting to be from WatchValue, please report it to us immediately.

How do you secure my data?

At WatchValue, we take the security of our client’s data very seriously. We have rigid security protocols in place and have designed the selling process to require as little personal data from our sellers as possible. Payment details are only requested once your luxury watch is validated, and all information is stored on our secured database. We will never share your personal information with buyers, or any other third parties without your prior consent.